Choosing the right food for your pet.


After talking a little about “how to select the right veterinarian clinic for your pet”, I thought it might be a good idea to talk about taking care of your pet on a daily basis.

Please note that this article is a general advice and does not override the advice of an expert! If a professional gave you specific advice about the diet of your pet, please don’t overlook it based on this article.

In any other case, I hope this will provide some insight and help you understand and feed your pet better. Proper nutrition is key to a healthy pet and will help you avoid visiting the veterinarian. Moreover, it will keep your pet healthy and happy!

As mentioned in this article, it is important to remember that just like with humans, the best tasting food is not always the most healthy one for our furry friends. The author rightly mentioned that pet snacks are often aimed to satisfy the owner’s emotional needs and not to satisfy the pet’s nutritional needs.

Over use of snacks can be one of the main causes of obesity, which is often a major contributor to poor health in pets. While our pets don’t understand how important nutrition is to them and will gladly get fat and lazy, it’s our duty as smart owners to protect them from themselves and their fat nature. Snacks are a great way to reward your pet, but please don’t overdo!

With that in mind, foods that claim to be all natural aren’t always the best solution. The definition is far from clear and almost any animal food product could claim it is “all-natural” nowadays.

Another commonly taken approach  by well meaning individuals is to use “Biologically Available Raw Food” – things like raw meat and vegetables. While this approach might sound tempting, there has been no scientific evidence that this approach really works to increase the health of your loved ones.

Even supporters of this approach will admit that there are hidden dangers if it isn’t done right, so if you choose to take this road with your pet, please make sure you consult a professional that can tailor it to your particular friend.

With the “Quick snacks” and “Purely Raw” options out of the way, most of us will look for a middle ground in the form of commercial dog food. Please don’t just settle for the cheapest bag of food you can find! While it it true that price doesn’t always bring quality, it’s rare that the best nutrition for your dog is the cheapest possible. One key factor to look at is the presence of vitamin E or other natural preservatives that substitute other chemical solutions. Another important factor is making sure the food is produced from high-quality meat and not meat byproducts or substitutes.

Consider food allergies and other problems your dog might be having. Some dogs have dental problems and require softer food, some dogs might have troubles digesting certain types of foods.

While it is true that often times veterinarians would recommend pet food that their clinic sells, it is still worth considering. If you trust your vet, he or she would only recommend food that is actually good for your pet. While it might be slightly more expensive then the no-name brands you could be getting, quality food will increase your pet’s happiness and health. It will help your pet live longer and save you bigger trouble down the road!

Have any recommendations for good pet food? Please let me know in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you!

As an unrelated bonus content: Need to relax? Want your pets to relax with you? Try this video, it has some great music that is very relaxing for both you and your pet!

Edit: If you’re more of a visual reader, check out this guide to choose a good dog food and a similar one for choosing a good cat food product. Again, we highly recommend you consult your veterinarian about the food you chose!