New Puppies for Sale!

Hello everyone,

Meet our newest puppies!

They are all pure breed  located in Calgary and are looking for a loving family. They’re currently estimated at 3,000$ each, but some give or take is expected. All dogs have FCI documents as well as a health passport from their breeder.

Meet Mimi!

She is the second largest in the pack and together with her sister and two brothers, she loves running around and play! She is not a shy dog and can play for hours without tiring!

today-649 today-644 today-651

Meet Chrome!
Nicknamed “Zoro” and “Batman” for his dark eyes, this guy is the smallest of the bunch. Which doesn’t mean he’s small at all – he is just a little more shy and quiet then his sisters. That being said, he loves attention and playing ball just as much as the other pups!

today-638 today-640 today-641

Meet Calif!

He is the larger male in the pack. His white “socks” are very cute and he loves cuddling and belly scratches! Don’t let his shy look on this pictures fool you – he is as energetic as the others! In fact, we had quite the hard time to get him to sit still to take a photo!

today-633 today-630 today-626

Last but not least, meet Empress!

She is a red sable pied female and she is a furry ball of energy! She’s slightly larger than her brothers. She loves attention and already shows quite a bit of attitude!

today-623 today-622 today-621

Here are the Sire and Dam for these puppies! 😀

Happy mom 🙂
Region champion dad! 😀








If you are interested in these puppies – please don’t hesitate to write me an email at . You can also like us on Facebook or send a comment here!